I’ve Turned Into a Gypsy

We woke up Sunday morning with the idea of spending the day at the beach but before we headed out, we had to double, no, triple-check that we had all what we needed to have the baby out in the sun and in the water. We knew how many times we had driven all the way to the beach and then realized that we had forgotten something essential. Like two Sundays ago when we forgot the umbrella at which point we joked about creating a check list and laminating it just so we could use it as a reference every time we headed out. Don’t worry, neither of us is that nerdy (nor has the time to do that) so we didn’t create anything.

We did, however, go over what we had put in the trunk a couple times:
Chairs – check
Towels – check
Cooler with snacks and drinks – check
Bumbo Seat for baby – check
Extra outfits and bathing suit for baby – check
Swimming and plenty of the other kind of diapers – check
Stroller – check
Umbrella – check, check, check!!!

We had a very pleasant car ride: the sun was shinning, good music was playing on the radio and baby was completely asleep for the whole time so we had the luxury of having an hour-long conversation -it almost felt like a date. We got to the state park, unloaded the car and started making our way to the beach under the deep blue sky. The path is a little long so it’s a good 10 minutes walk before you actually reach a spot where you want to settle at.

As we were heading to “destination fun-family-day-at-the-beach” a bunch of teenagers who were observing us from the distance kept smiling in a “oh-I-feel-bad-for-you” kind of way. It was then when I realized it: I have turned into a Gypsy and there is no turning back now. While my smiley spectators had a towel around the neck and a pair of flip flops in their hands, I had two chairs, a Bumbo Seat, a beach umbrella and the baby bag with me. I felt as if I was setting camp there and staying for a week. Nowadays, going to the beach takes great event planning skills.

As my husband and I laughed at ourselves, we finally found the perfect spot at the beach. Close to the water, out of the way of people and by the grass. After another 15 minutes we were finally all situated and ready to start relaxing when we noticed something in the grass. It was about a foot long, gray-and-white and shiny. Yep, you guessed right a dead fish! We looked at each other with annoyance and decided to check if that lifeless creature posed any trouble.

We got somewhat close to the thing and realized that it must had been “fresh” as it didn’t smell. We smiled with a sense of relief and decided to end our expedition there. We really didn’t want to pack up and move. It would have taken another half-an-hour from having fun at the beach and let’s face it, those teenagers had already had enough entertainment watching us getting settle the first time around.

After that whole ordeal was over and we sat looking at the water, we noticed that we weren’t the only Gypsies around. Families with older children seemed to have twice as much stuff with them than us. You think that would have made me feel better but it didn’t. It was the beach’s way of foretelling what is coming for us: You’ll be Gypsies from now on!


One thought on “I’ve Turned Into a Gypsy

  1. um…yes. you are again, not alone. gear for 3 kids [life jackets, swimmies, googles, sand stuff, food, towels, beach sheet, more food, diapers, drinks, umbrella and most important, a sled to drag it all out there – especially when daddy’s at work and there are only 2 strong hands] 🙂 i HAVE made checklists, as you know i’m a self-declared nerd. if you laminate one, please make a copy for me!

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