Working the Rooms (and Playgrounds)

At some point during last week’s blog I stated that I felt that my people skills needed to be used more often and one of the responses I got suggested that I treated motherhood more like a job because that helped her. Well, I haven’t considered motherhood a job just yet, I’m just not following any deadlines or schedules, so it really doesn’t feel like a job. However, I started thinking about the things that may appear to have followed me from the business world to MomWorld. A very important one is networking, except that I’m not calling it that anymore, now I just refer to it as “meeting new people”.

Did you ever reach the stage in the business world where you enjoyed networking events and welcomed the opportunity to “work the room”? I did and really liked going around getting business cards, making contacts and striking conversations with strangers that at the end of an evening (or a cocktail) had turned into connections and friends. Building up my network is just part of my social personality so of course, now that I don’t ware suits or carry business cards anymore, I still find myself working the room (and playground) chatting with as many other moms as possible.

Though I’m not a shy person, I find this type of networking more challenging than the one I did before. Usually in the business world you either have an agenda, a mission to obtain certain number of business cards, or a common theme to talk about like a fundraiser. In the playground, there are no business cards with titles. How then, do you peel more layers of people’s personality to learn where to take the conversation to without being too inquisitive or redundant?

Sometimes I feel like a MommyCard would be super useful when getting to know other women at playgroups. It would be like a business card but instead of saying something like Regional Sales Manager, it would say Love Indie Films, Martinis and Sushi. Wouldn’t that make meeting people much easier? I am seriously thinking to bring the Salutation Tags that I talked about in another of my blogs and this MommyCard ideas to a designer. It will make social interactions for clueless people like me much better. I will not ever have to be afraid of talking too much or approaching people too closely.

What would your MommyCard say?


One thought on “Working the Rooms (and Playgrounds)

  1. ummm…to “a designer” – it’s ok – I know you meant “next door to your favorite designer” 😉 really, i have done mommy cards – they are all over the internet! if you want one, i’d be happy to make one up for you too 🙂

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