Summer Nude Camp???

As those who have been reading my blog know, I recently decided to try new things and get out there with my baby with the idea of a) have something to do that at the same time is good for baby’s development and b) to meet people. This is why I was so excited to come across a “Mommy and Me” swim camp that, without hesitation, I enrolled in.

Monday was our first time in the athletic club where the swim lessons take place, so we arrived a little earlier to allow extra time to figure out the mundane things like towels and pool location. A very nice gentlemen who noticed that we were lost walked us to the dressing rooms. You can reach the pool through here -he said. So I went in ready to find a towel and head to the class only to be surprisingly welcomed by a completely naked woman who was doing her hair in front of the mirror! This was so shocking that I didn’t even think to be discrete and disguise my reaction.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? I guess I completely forgot that nudity comes hand-in-hand with such an environment but why would someone work on her hair before than on her clothes? I was sure thankful that I had a baby girl and not a 4-year-old boy with me that day. What happens when you do have older children who will for sure notice that something is missing?

I found our towels and headed out in the direction of the pool as soon as possible (I was beginning to feel self-conscious of being one of the few people fully clothed there).

The lesson was pretty fun and baby did wonderful. Her giggles made me forget about the dressing room completely until we had to go back in :s (sigh!). Let me be clear that I really don’t have a problem with nudity -that is in art or in movies- but when a completely naked woman approaches you and your baby carrying a towel around instead of wearing it, it’s kind of freaky. Especially when she spent about half a minute making conversation with us. What do you do in such situations? I just tried to forget that she was even naked (not that I could) and be as pleasant as ever.

I think worse than seeing naked women all around was the idea of them seeing me naked. Let’s face it, I’m no nymph and if I didn’t have a super model body prior to baby, much less now. I guess I was lucky to have baby with me then because I couldn’t have taken a shower with her in a stroller, so I opted to get out of the bathing suit and shower at home.

It blows my mind that in an area of the country where PDA (Public Display of Affection, for those who are unfamiliar with the term) is not very welcomed and where there is a thick personal space bubble, nudity-in-the-locker-room represents no problem at all. So really, I get dirty looks for kissing my husband in public, awkwardness when I hug someone who doesn’t like being touched, but nudity is perfectly fine? Wow! I guess one can never stop learning about the place where she resides.


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