Bostonian Fearless Squirrels

No, that isn’t the name of a junior league soccer team, rather a description of the cute inhabitants of Boston’s famous parks. It is hard not to notice the friendly squirrels of Boston Commons and Public Garden, especially when I spent a good chunk of my vacation in this city strolling through these sites. I guess these little fellows grew accustomed to the city life and the many visitors to their home just like other Bostonians who don’t run away from the hundreds of tourist who invade the city daily during the summer months.

I was a bit nervous to go on vacation to a big city with a little baby but I found that it is great to travel with a little one in a stroller to a place that is so used to tourists that almost every historical and touristic attraction accommodates parents and babies. Sure, in some cases it took a little asking before finding the handicap entrance to a three-hundred-year-old building, but the thing is that they were always available and people extra helpful.

I think that reading about how to prepare yourself for the first vacation with your baby and hearing comments from friends and family making you feel that perhaps a city isn’t the best destination for a young family made me a little frightened. However, once baby and I hit the streets and a few tourist attractions with a very positive outcome, I started to feel a  bit more confident. After all, there are always all kinds of tourists in any destination and other than a few tears and tantrums here and there, I have never witnessed any parent having major issues with a tiny baby while at a museum or historical site.

Actually, I found site-seeing with a four-month-old and a stroller rather advantageous as people everywhere went out of their ways to help us out. It didn’t matter if it was looking for an elevator in the subway, getting a door at a cafe or letting us use bathrooms that weren’t public, people in the city proved to be very hospitable. Besides, I’m lucky to have a baby that is generally pretty easy-going so I was able to do everything that I would have done even if she wasn’t with me with the only difference that I had no time to even begin to think that I might be bored as she kept me occupied. Sure, she got a little  more cranky at night than usual, but nothing unmanageable.

Everything had been going pretty well till we got stuck in the hotel’s elevator for about 15 minutes -a situation that I didn’t particularly enjoyed. Nothing happened to us except that we got a little too hot and quite scared but even that made me realize that really, I can continue to travel and take every situation as it comes instead of getting nervous for no reason ahead of time. 

Staying in this city for a while, enjoying great site-seeing and making it through the elevator entrapment almost tear-free made me realize one thing: that I too can be a Bostonian Fearless Squirrel.


3 thoughts on “Bostonian Fearless Squirrels

  1. so glad you’re enjoying it!! i would never fear traveling with a little one!! i HAVE found it’s easier when they’re in a stroller than when they’re a bit older [or you have too many butts for your seats] but other than that, most cities are very accomodating, and aside from the random snide look when your children are running in circles, crying or screaming…something you would receive in our local mall anyway…people understand! many have been in your shoes and miss the days of their own little ones.

  2. Hija!!!!!!!!!!!!! quereremos fotografias sobre Nadia meeting the world!!!!!!!!!!!! el texto no eslo mismo sin imagenes!!!!
    besos a los tres!

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