The Art of Nursing in Public

We were all ready to travel with our infant for the first time. Suitcases and boarding passes on hand but a little nervous about baby’s first flight. Going through the airport wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated -it was quite pleasant actually. As soon as people see a stroller they are more than willing to help out and even those, often times, harsh TSA agents were really helpful.

Making our way down the plane aisle you could just see people rolling their eyes and making secretive comments to each other. Yes, I have been like that before, a child-less person afraid of putting up with a crying baby for the duration of the flight. Luckily, we took off and landed with an almost tearless baby so we didn’t have to meet angry faces on our way out of the plane. I even managed to sneak in a descreat feeding while on the plane.

Once we reached our destination, we decided to hit town immediately and since then we have spent plenty of time strolling around town. This city seems to be very child-friendly as I see plenty of parents with their children all over town and plenty of mothers nursing everywhere you can imagine. I guess the fact that the state of Massachusetts is one of the few where mothers have the right to nurse their children in any public place makes everyone very confident. I know it made me feel sort of protected.

After days filled with site seeing and ample opportunity to master the art of nursing in public places such as parks, the airport and hotel lobby, I thought I was ready to feed my child anywhere. Sadly, yesterday proved me wrong.

We were walking on the chic and famous Newbury Street when hunger got a hold of us so we decided to try one of the many restaurants of the area. While enjoying a wonderful meal in a classy atmosphere, baby thought she didn’t want to miss out and wanted to eat with us too. I had come prepared with a bottle but of course, but of course,  that wasn’t enough that night. As I looked around I saw plenty of other families with young children so I just went ahead and put my cover on and nurse my baby right there.

Everything was going fine until baby got a little squirmy and uncomfortable so I had to fight her in order to keep my cover on. We finished the feeding alright but then I couldn’t find my nurse pad! I panicked. Where could it be? It wasn’t on my lap, the baby didn’t have it either. I looked at my husband to find out if he had seen it and he just smiled at me and then turn his eyes to the floor to signal where it had landed.

How embarrasing! I didn’t have any other choice but to laugh at the whole thing and continue business as usual but I now know that I’m not as ready as I thought I was. I guess the art of nursing in public takes much more practice than I had thought, especially when at nice restaurants.


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