What Is My Comfort Zone?

It was almost 10 am this morning when I found myself buckling my baby up in her stroller to hit the mall and finally meet my blind date. How was I going to recognize her? I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to meet and the mall seemed to be packed with moms and their children today.

I guess I was just nervous of stepping out of my comfort zone, but wait, what is my comfort zone anymore? Ever since I started this stay-at-home-mom life, I don’t seem to know what that zone is exactly. I’m constantly reinventing myself, or at least exploring new things, such as social media, as a way to meet people who might be in the same situation that I am currently experiencing. To be honest, making friends has become much more intentional than ever and I can’t help but to feel silly about it. What happened to those days where one could meet anyone seating next us at a coffee shop or the library?

Luckily, I learned that I’m not the only one who is climbing walls and getting out there. Turns out that Blind-Date-Mom is exactly on the same boat, which definitely made me feel a little less crazy. It wasn’t hard to spot her: coffee on hand, stroller flanking her and eyes looking around in expectation. Yes, I had found her and approaching her wasn’t as awkward as I had pictured it in my mind (I don’t know how online daters do this, I was nervous and I was just meeting someone to befriend).

Conversation started with ease and I was definitely relieved to know that her husband also mocked her about this whole blind date situation (mine has been making fun of me for days now). I felt great knowing that not only foreigners like me feel this kind of disconnection and that there are people willing to give it a try and meet strangers off a blog.

After meeting Blind-Date-Mom and having a really nice time with her, I decided that maybe I can do this whole thing of exploring different ways to meet people -even if that means not knowing what my comfort zone is for another while.


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