Learning MOMtiquette

As if I didn’t spend too much time online already, I decided taking up blogging just to get a sense of how it feels for other people to walk through my thoughts for a while.

I find myself very confused, sort of like a freshman beginning a very hard class: New Mom in a Foreign Country 101.

Those who have children know how lost one finds herself at the beginning, right? I’m always on mom blogs, websites and on WebMD… yes, I’m just too new and inexperienced and too afraid of not getting my homework done before making a decision that could potentially harm my child forever (or at least that is how dramatic it sounds in my mind).

Now, if you add into the mix the fact that I’m a foreigner living in a country that speaks a different language than my mother tongue, has different traditions, and where MOMtiquette is very different from what I have seen before, well, you find yourself ready to gather all your quizzes and pay a visit to your professor to see how she can help. If only there was such thing as a Professor for MOMtiquette! Since there is nothing of that sort, this freshman mom finds herself very confused and scared of failing the class.

My biggest fear is to step on someone’s toes and to be perceived as rude. What is wrong? What is right? I have so many questions that I decided to make a laundry list:

  1. Is there such thing as a baby/child personal space bubble?
  2. Can one help someone else’s child get a plate of food? (Allergies and other things like that always make me nervous)
  3. Is nursing in public ok with every mom?
  4. Is it rude to be late for a playdate?
  5. Is speaking to my child in my native tongue in front of people who don’t speak it offensive?
  6. When you meet other moms, is a handshake ok or too business-like? Back home I would just kiss on the cheek.

Well, the list goes on and on but you get an idea, right? I’m just too new at everything but guess I will just go with the flow and write about the funny situations that I get myself into.


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